Wellness & Preventative Care

Pet Wellness & Preventive Care at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center

Getting your pets off to a solid start with early puppy or kitten care is important, but it’s also essential to maintain pet’s health with routine and preventive are, as well. Here at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center, our Loveland, CO, veterinarian offers everything from comprehensive exams to vaccinations and routine surgery and microchipping. Read on to learn more about the services at our respected vet hospital.


Wellness Exams for Pets

Most animals will have their first wellness exam within a few weeks of age and it often occurs in concert with their first set of vaccinations around 2 months old. During these exams, our veterinarian in Loveland will give your pet a full inspection from head to toe.

Our veterinarian will assess your pets' eyes, ears, teeth, hind sides, and feel their abdomens and bones for any signs of problems invisible to the naked eye. We typically run a few tests such as taking a fecal and blood sample to rule out congenital diseases or precursors to problems in adulthood.

Essential Pet Vaccinations

Animals, even those that stay indoors, need to have a series of core vaccines, such as the rabies vaccine and those that help stave off the most common conditions that plague canines and felines. Rabies vaccination is required by law. Other core vaccinations are often administered in all-in-one shots for convenience. Our vet may recommend certain non-core shots depending on your pet’s typical lifestyle and whether you have multiple pets.

Spaying & Neutering for Pets

Beyond helping minimize unwanted pet numbers, spaying and neutering your pet can benefit them emotionally and physically. Many pets remain calmer and tend to wander and make mating calls less often. Health benefits include eliminating pregnancy dangers and the prevention of a number of cancers associated with the reproductive system. Our vet hospital has safely performed hundreds of these procedures for pets in Loveland and the surrounding communities.

Flea and Tick Prevention in Loveland, CO

We offer a vast assortment of parasite preventives to keep fleas, ticks, and other potentially harmful pests off of pets. Many of these parasites cause internal and external issues, some of which could potentially result in death. We have sprays, collars, liquid applications, and chewable preventatives to assist in reducing fleas and ticks.

Pet Microchipping

Help your pets make it home safely with greater chances via an affordable, non-intrusive pet microchip insertion. This tiny, rice-sized microchip can be inserted in seconds and can be invaluable in helping connect owners with lost or missing pets.

Puppy, Kitten, and Pet Preventive Care in Loveland, CO

Here at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center our veterinarian in Loveland offers complete pet care from the puppy and kitten stages to the senior years. Contact us online or call us at (970) 593-1717 today to schedule an appointment.


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