Senior Pet Care

Taking care of a senior pet can be challenging. There are many steps you can take to make the aging process more comfortable for your cat or dog. At Boyd Lake Veterinary Center, we recommend a few tips to keep your pet healthy and happy in its twilight years. Our clinic in Loveland is here to help with all your needs. 


Preventative Care

To begin, at least one yearly visit to your veterinarian is recommended. For aging pets, it wouldn't be a bad idea to visit the doctor twice a year. These appointments allow a veterinarian to keep a close eye on your pet’s health, and make any recommendations necessary.

Your senior pet must also have a well-balanced diet. You can consult with your veterinary doctor to develop an ideal plan. While a proper diet is essential, also consider daily exercise. A regular exercise routine can extend the life of your pet.

There are other things you can do as a pet owner in regards to preventative care. These tasks will also help keep your pet healthy:

  • Regular teeth cleaning to prevent gum disease
  • Keeping your pet's skin and fur properly groomed
  • Checking your pet’s ears, nose, and eyes

Our expert veterinarians can help keep your cat or dog in good physical condition as they age.

How Will I Recognize the Signs of Aging in My Pet? 

A pet owner needs to have a keen eye to recognize the signs of aging. The senior years of many cats and dogs begin with a significant decline in activity levels. A trip to your veterinarian is recommended if you notice other warning signs. These signs could include hearing loss, temperature increases, spikes in allergies, or more tumor spots on their bodies. Just like humans, as a pet gets older, it has a harder time fighting off diseases.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Besides showing some tender love and care, there are things you can do to keep your pet comfortable in its older years. Do your best to keep your pet active, make sure it’s going outside to the bathroom more often, and have a comfy place for it to sleep. Remember that your pet needs additional care as it gets older, just like a human would.

Loveland Veterinary Professionals 

At Boyd Lake Veterinary Center, we take pride in making sure all our patients receive the best care possible. Having an aging pet does require patience, yet extending its life as long as possible is worth it. When you need the best care possible, don't hesitate to contact our clinic to schedule an appointment for your senior pet. We are glad to help give your pet the lifestyle it deserves! 

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