Pet Teeth Cleaning

While specialty pet treats might help cover bad breath from your cat or dog, they only provide temporary relief. The cause of bad breath often is teeth that need cleaning or have dental problems. If your cat or dog hasn't had pet teeth cleaning and has bad breath, talk to one of our vets at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland, CO, about getting a thorough dental evaluation and scheduling a cleaning.


Why Pet Dental Health Is Important

Just like people, pets need good dental health. While your dog or cat can't brush its teeth as you can, there are some ways that you as a pet parent can help them. Regularly brushing your pet's teeth at home is possible, but difficult for many pet parents, especially those who have cats or anxious dogs.

Keeping your pet's teeth clean can prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Your pet won't tell you if it has a sore tooth, but it may show signs of pain or discomfort when eating or avoid eating altogether. These are signs you need to make an appointment with one of our vets for a dental evaluation. Unlike people, if a cat or dog has a cavity, the best way to treat it is not through a filling but by an extraction. If you want to help your pet to keep its teeth, consider regular cleanings.

Why a Pet Dental Cleaning Helps

You go to the dentist regularly for cleanings because the hygienist can provide a deeper, more thorough clean than you can at home. The same is true of taking your pet to the vet for having its teeth cleaned. Getting teeth cleaning for your pet helps them to keep their teeth healthier and intact.

What Happens During a Pet Teeth Cleaning

Even the most well-behaved pets can move without notice, all pets have general anesthesia for pet teeth cleaning. The anesthesia makes them sleep through the procedure so they don't hurt themselves or the vet by moving as the vet cleans their teeth and performs any necessary dental extractions.

Schedule a Visit to Take Care of Your Pet's Dental Health

Even if you haven't taken regular care of your pet's teeth, it's never too late. Contact us today at (970) 593-1717 to reach us at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland, CO, to schedule a visit for your cat or dog to have pet teeth cleaning or evaluation of its teeth and overall health.

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