Pet Pain Management

Boyd Lake Veterinary Center Offers Pet Pain Management

Pets may experience pain from a number of different sources. Chronic pain can impact an animal’s quality of life and can cause noticeable behavioral changes that can be upsetting. Fortunately, today, veterinarians have a variety of methods for handling an animal's pain. At Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland, CO, we offer pain management for pets with painful health conditions.


Causes of Chronic Pain in Pets

Animals may encounter pain from a number of different sources. Chronic sources of a pet's pain may be an acute injury that was never properly treated, a degenerative health condition such as cancer or arthritis, or even scar tissue that developed in response to a necessary surgery. While all of these conditions are different in their own way, they have one common factor: they cause your pet pain.


Pharmaceutical companies continue to add more veterinary medications for pain. These drugs can be useful in managing many different kinds of pain, from post-surgical discomfort to the more ongoing pain of osteoarthritis. The safety and effectiveness of these drugs is carefully tested to ensure pets can benefit from them, without concerns about serious side effects. Cats, in particular, may have difficulty with standard medications. Your vet can advise you on the best medications for your pet’s needs.

Laser Therapy

Laser light can also be used to relieve pain and aid healing.  At lower frequencies, these light waves create “photobiomodulation,” which stimulates cellular activity deep within tissues. Healing is improved and natural pain-relieving chemicals are released to provide greater comfort for the animal. Generally, a number of laser therapy sessions are required to achieve the best effect.


You may be familiar with acupuncture, which is done on humans to relieve pain and other problems. This same therapy can be used on animals to reduce discomfort and improve function. The technique uses fine needles to block pain signals to the brain. The needles are inserted at specific points in the body where nerve pathways intersect. The process is painless and has been found to provide good control of discomfort in animals.

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