Pet Laser Therapy

Boyd Lake Veterinary Center Offers Pet Laser Therapy

New technologies allow veterinarians to help their patients in innovative ways. Laser therapy uses a low frequency of laser light to stimulate healing and reduce swelling deep within the body’s tissues. At Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland, CO, we can help pets have better quality of life through the use of technologies like laser therapy for pet pain management.


What Is Laser Therapy?

At lower levels of power, laser light can be used to stimulate healing deep within body tissues, in a process called “photobiomodulation.” The procedure helps to speed healing, reduce pain, and improve nerve function. Laser therapy can be used along with medication or other therapies to help improve comfort levels and physical function for pets.

Conditions Laser Therapy Can Help

Laser therapy has been found to be helpful for a number of common veterinary issues and is being investigated to help others. Low-level laser light can help to heal surgical wounds for a faster recovery time and less discomfort. Vets may also use laser therapy to heal wounds from traumatic injury. The method also helps to reduce scar tissue. It is used to help clear up stubborn allergic skin conditions. Laser can help to reduce pain in animals with arthritis and degenerative spinal problems. Veterinarians also use it to heal infections.

What Happens During Pet Laser Therapy?

During a treatment session, your pet will lie down on a table in a relaxed atmosphere. Goggles are placed over the animal’s eyes to protect them from the laser light. A hand-held device is then passed over the affected area of the body for 2 to 5 minutes. The procedure is painless, and during the session, your pet will remain relaxed and comfortable. After the treatment, your pet can resume normal activities.

Make Boyd Lake Veterinary Center Your Veterinarian for Pet Laser Therapy

Dr. Tyszko, Dr. Doherty, and the rest of our team at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center use their years of training and experience to help their patients in Loveland, CO, and the nearby communities live longer, healthier lives. We offer many veterinary services, including vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, emergency care, and boarding. Contact Boyd Lake Veterinary Center today at 970-593-1717 for an appointment to learn how laser therapy can help your pet.

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