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Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland Offers Quality Dental Care for Your Pet

Dental care for pets is more important than you may think. Dental health is directly related to a pet's comprehensive health. A variety of health issues can occur because of poor dental health. In addition, dental issues may be caused by ill health. Therefore, it is essential to have your pet's gums and teeth inspected a minimum once a year by a veterinarian. Our staff at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland will take a look at teeth and gums during regular checkups, but be sure to call us right away with any concerns.

pet dental care

Pet Dental Care During Regular Exams

A veterinarian will examine your pet's mouth during every regular exam. An x-ray may need to be taken to be able to take a look at tooth roots that are below the gum line as well as the jaw. Talk to our veterinary staff about how often your pet should have dental cleanings. Pets need to be put under anesthesia to be able to perform a thorough cleaning and examination. Plaque and tartar are removed during cleaning and the teeth are polished. The veterinarian can also perform extractions or other dental procedures if problems are found while your pet is under.

It is critical to find problems early before they become severe. This is especially true with periodontal disease. This disease is very common in cats and dogs and can cause other health problems if not treated. It is also essential to care for your pet's teeth at home. Regular brushing is vital and our staff can give other suggestions for other good oral health care practices at home.

Get Your Pet's Teeth Looked at Sooner if You Notice Problems

In addition to yearly checkups, call us immediately if you notice dental problems. Pets often become irritated when they have dental problems and act differently. Be very careful when looking in their mouth because they may bite if in pain and agitated. Pets also often have a reduced appetite if suffering from dental problems and have bad breath. Other things to look for are teeth that are coated with tartar or discolored, blood, broken teeth, increased drooling, problems chewing, or teeth that are loose. It is also important to keep an eye on the mouth when pets are young. Let us know if there are any extra teeth in the mouth or if baby teeth are not lost.

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You should talk to the staff at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland about taking care of your pet's oral health. Schedule regular exams and call 970-593-1717 right away with dental concerns or to schedule an appointment today!

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