Microchipping at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center

If you found yourself in an unfamiliar place with no identification, you could at least talk to people, tell them who are, and contact your loved ones for help. Your pet, sadly, doesn't have these options. He is dependent on the ID he carries, and if he only has a collar tag ID, he could lose that form of identification all too easily. That's why you'll want to give him another, more permanent way to be identified, in the form of an internal microchip. Our Loveland team at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center can provide this simple yet important procedure.


Why Microchipping Makes Good Sense

Many pet owners believe that the ID tag affixed to their pet's collar is the only form of ID that animal will ever need, but they're wrong. Even among pets equipped with collar tag IDs, only a minority of lost or missing animals eventually get reunited with their owners, less than 22 percent of dogs, and less than 2 percent of cats. That's because these IDs can easily get torn away from their collars, or the collars themselves come off, leaving many animals completely anonymous to anyone who sees them wandering around.

The story becomes a much happier when microchips are involved. Over 52 percent of lost dogs and 38 percent of lost cats equipped with microchips get returned to their owners. These numbers are reason enough to invest in a supplemental form of ID to back up the collar tag.

An Easy, Affordable Procedure from Our Veterinarian in Loveland

Microchipping is such an easy procedure, that it can be incorporated into a standard wellness exam. Our Loveland veterinarian doesn't have to perform any kind of expensive surgery to microchip your pet. The microchip is small enough to be injected beneath the skin with a hypodermic needle, where it remains for life. The chip can afford to be that tiny because it doesn't require a power source. The microchip is linked to a specific ID number that you register your contact information under, so that your pet can be reunited with you in the even he becomes lost.

Get Your Pet Microchipped at Our Vet Clinic

Now that you know how simple and valuable microchipping really is, it's time to equip your beloved pet with this preventative measure. Call our Loveland vet clinic today at 970-593-1717 to schedule an appointment!

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