Emergency and Urgency Care

Boyd Lake Veterinary Center Offers Emergency & Urgent Care

When pets have an unexpected injury or illness, fast, professional veterinary care is needed to ensure their recovery. Proper diagnosis and appropriate care can help your pet to get back to his or her usual self. At Boyd Lake Veterinary Center in Loveland, CO, we can help with emergency and urgent care for your pet.

What Constitutes A Pet Emergency?

Any situation that threatens the life of the animal is considered a pet emergency. This would include breathing problems, heatstroke, profuse bleeding, seizure, pale gums, a weak pulse, severe weakness, difficulty standing or walking, and loss of consciousness. These are events that require immediate veterinary care to save the life of your pet. If the incident occurs during office hours, call your Loveland vet immediately to clear space in the schedule to attend to your pet. We can also provide a referral to an emergency veterinary facility in the area, for after-hours care.

What Constitutes A Pet Urgent Care Situation?

Urgent care covers any discernible symptoms that are below the need for emergency care, but still require veterinary care in a prompt time frame. Urgent care may cover eye infections, ear infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, vomiting diarrhea, limping, minor wounds, feeding problems or noticeable changes in behavior or energy levels. These problems should be seen by a vet as quickly as possible, to relieve discomfort and to allow your pet to recover quickly.

Fast Care Is Critical For Pets in Distress

A pet emergency can be a frightening and upsetting event for pet owners. But this is a time you should keep your head and immediately call your Loveland veterinarian so the office can be ready for you when you arrive. The vet will carefully examine your pet and provide immediate, life-saving care. If further treatment is needed, your vet will discuss the options with you, keeping your pet’s individual needs in mind.

Make Boyd Lake Veterinary Center Your Veterinarian in Loveland

Dr. Doherty and Dr. Tyszko have extensive training in veterinary medicine to help their patients in Loveland, CO, and surrounding communities maintain good health throughout life. We are a full-service veterinary facility, offering exams, vaccinations, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, boarding, daycare, and emergency care. Call Boyd Lake Veterinary Center today at (970) 593-1717 for an appointment to have your pet checked and to learn about the urgent care and emergency care we provide when you need it.

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